Delivering for Wales

We will deliver our projects with a deep understanding for local, regional and national policies. We’re passionate about supporting Wales in becoming a truly sustainable country. Our team understands and respects the frameworks that guide policy and practice in Wales.

Future Generations Act

We commit to aligning our project outcomes with the Goals of the Future Generations Act. Our team contains specialists in supporting organisations in delivering their services according to a ‘Future Generations’ framework, and our experience demonstrates that this approach provides outcomes that are well aligned with the needs of the people of Wales – now and for the future

The Well-being Goals

Climate Emergency

On 29 April 2019 Welsh Government declared a Climate Emergency, affirming the issue as a defining and overarching issue for Wales. The Môr Glas and Môr Gwyrdd project team recognises the importance of this declaration to regulators and civil society in Wales. The Môr Glas and Môr Gwyrdd projects will make a significant contribution to low-carbon electricity production and reduce Wales’ dependence on imported fossil fuels.

Nature Emergency

On 30 June 2021 the Senedd declared a Nature Emergency in recognition of the pressures on our ecosystem that has put 17% of Wales’ species at risk. We aim to develop our projects using the best possible evidence on low-impact methods of deployment, and with a nature-positive goal. Our activities, both onshore and offshore, will be planned with the maximum protections and enhancements for nature and our ecosystems

Socio-economic duty

Public sector bodies in Wales have a duty to consider the equality of outcome, and not just equality of opportunity. In practice this means trying to tackle entrenched and systemic issues in communities across Wales, that can have their origins in events decades past. Our approach of maximising the community and local ownership will enable us to help target the financial benefits of the project with the communities in greatest need.

Energy security

The British energy security strategy emphasises the need to develop more home-grown energy sources, particularly from renewable sources. Môr Glas and Môr Gwyrdd will support the aims of providing long-term security for the GB electricity system, as well as helping reduce reliance on imported fossil fuels.

Energy cost

The price of fossil fuels is determined on a global market and can fluctuate significantly, as was seen during the post-covid period. Large floating wind projects can help stabilise prices by providing a long-term, reliable and low-cost electricity source that balances the existing large offshore wind fleet off the UK’s east coast.

A lower overall cost of electricity has multiple spin-off socio-economic benefits, from reducing the risk of fuel poverty, to improving the viability of business and industry, particularly manufacturing and energy-intensive sectors.

The projects will also support an improved infrastructure for future developments, reducing the cost of renewable energy development through the rest of the century.

Môr Cymru is a joint venture partnership between Hiraeth Energy and Magnora Offshore Wind that aims to maximise the benefits of floating offshore wind to Wales 🏴󠁧󠁢󠁷󠁬󠁳󠁿